18. How do you save money? the second hand store & home repairs: 1 November, 2020.


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How do you save money?

A: Hello, I’m, interviewing people to see how they save money. Excuse me, what is your name?

B: I’m Tim.

A: Well, hi Tim. Do you try to save money?

B: Well, yes. I’m a student, so I have to save money.

A: Well…how do you save money?

B: Let’s see…I buy clothes if they are on sale, so I never pay full price for anything, and I look out for discounts too.

A: Well that’s great. Thanks very much Tim.

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It’s question time

  1. Who is he?…..Tim.
  2. What does Tim do?…He’s a student.
  3. How does Tim save money?… He buys clothes on sale.

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I go to the second hand store

A: Can you tell me your name?

B: Oh me? I’m Sally.

A: Hi Sally…now, do you try to save money, Sally?

B: Yes, of course…I get some of my clothes at a second hand store, like these jeans and this blouse.

A: Really? I love your outfit. That’s very original.

B: Thanks. I bought these shoes on sale at a department store.

A: Great. Well thanks Sally!


Question Time:

  1. Who is she?…Sally.
  2. What items did Sally buy from a second hand store?… her jeans and blouse.
  3. What did she buy from a department store?… her shoes.

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I repair things

A: And you, sir?

B: Who me?

A: Yes, what’s your name?

B: I’m Colin.

A: Colin, you try to save money too, don’t you?

B: Oh, yes….you know the best way to do that is to not pay people money to fix things.

A: What do you mean Colin?

B: Well, I fix things myself. Well, I try to like..I fix my car, or sometimes I repair things around the house.

A: Well, that sounds really smart.

B: And you know… there is another thing I like to do…like I never buy DVD’s. I always rent them. You can save a lot of money that way.

A: Well, I’m sure you’re right, thanks very much Colin.


Question time

  1. Who is he?…Colin.
  2. What does Colin try to fix?…His car.
  3. What is another way he tries to save money?… He rents DVD’s.

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17. What are your interests? In my free time &my hobby: 18 October, 2020


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What are your interests?

Dean: So do you get much free time Megan?

Megan: Free time? Ha! Not really, but when I do, I really like to read.

Dean: Oh read?

Megan: Yeah, I like all kinds of books. I read in the evening after dinner, and in bed. See reading is good because it doesn’t cost much, and I can borrow books for free from friends and the library.

Dean: I love reading, but there is just one problem.

Megan: What’s that?

Dean: It makes me sleepy, I sometimes fall asleep while I’m reading.

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  1. What are they talking about?….Reading.
  2. What is good about reading?….It doesn’t cost much money.
  3. What doesn’t Dean like about reading?….It makes him sleepy.

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In my free time

Linda: And what about you Alex? Do you have any hobbies?

Alex: Well, in my free time I enjoy cooking.

Linda: Oh, cooking?

Alex: Yes, I love to spend time in the kitchen creating meals.

Linda: You know, cooking is pretty creative, isn’t it?

Alex: Yes, I like to try¬† new ideas when I’m cooking. The only problem is time. I hardly ever have enough time.

Linda: Oh, does it take a lot of time to cook well?

Alex: Yes, it does, it takes a lot of time to cook a really good meal.



  1. What are they talking about?…..cooking.
  2. What does Alex like about cooking?….It’s creative.
  3. What doesn’t Alex like about cooking?…It takes a lot of time.

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My hobby

Rachel: So Mark, do you have a hobby?

Mark: Yes, actually I do, and my hobby is extremely relaxing.

Rachel: Really? well, what do you do?

Mark: I like to fish.

Rachel: Huh? You like fishing?

Mark: Oh, yeah. On weekends I go to the river and try to catch some fish.

Rachel: You try? Do you catch many?

Mark: Well no, not really, but it’s great to sit outdoors in the fresh air, you know.

Rachel: Yeah, sounds nice.


Rachel: But what?

Mark: But it’s an expensive hobby. You need good equipment, and it’s expensive.




  1. What are they talking about?……Fishing.
  2. what does Mark like about fishing?….It’s relaxing.
  3. What doesn’t Mark like about fishing?…..It’s expensive.


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