11. Learning the road code, driving practice & planning a get-together: 2 August 2020


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Learning the Rode Code

Maria: Tim, where are you?

Tim: I’m in the kitchen.

Maria: What are you doing?

Tim: I’m studying the Road Code. There is a lot to study.

Maria: How is that going?

Tim: It’s not easy. I’m learning about the rules at intersections.

Maria: So what rules do you know?

Tim: If I’m turning left, I have the right of way.

Maria: And what if you are turning right?

Tim: I have to give way to other cars.

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It’s question time:

  1. Where is Tim?….. he’s in the kitchen.
  2. What is he doing?…..he’s studying the Road Code.
  3. When does Tim have to give way?….when he is turning right.

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Driving Practice

Instructor: Hello Tim, are you ready for your first driving lesson?

Tim: Yes, I’m feeling nervous.

Instructor: I can understand how you feel. Everybody feels like that at first.

Tim: Mmmmm

Instructor: But I will help you, and we will drive on a quiet country road.

Tim: That is a good idea.

Instructor: Tim, get inside the car, and I’ll drive at first. Do up your seat-belt.

Tim: OK.

Instructor: Now, watch me as I make the car go and stop.

Tim: OK.

Instructor: My right foot changes pedals from the accelerator to the brake. Next, I want you to try.


It’s question time:

  1. What is Tim doing?……He’s taking  a driving lesson.
  2. Where do they go?……To a quiet country road.
  3. What does Tim learn?… How to go and stop.

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Planning a get-together


Maria: Hi Tim, how was your driving lesson?

Tim: It was great.

Maria: weren’t you scared?

Tim: only a little at first. But soon it was easy.

Maria: I think we should celebrate.

Tim: What?

Maria: Your success on your first driving lesson. Let’s have a lovely Sunday lunch and invite friends.

Tim: Sounds good to me.

Maria: It will be a great way to catch up with old friends and meet some newcomers too.

Tim: Yes, I heard there is a new family who have arrived. Their names are Pedro and Nina.


It’s question time:

  1. What is Maria planning?….. A get-together at Sunday lunch.
  2. Why will they celebrate?…. Tim had his first driving lesson.
  3. Who are the newcomers?…. Pedro and Nina.

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10. Helping Grandparents, Morning Tea & A Visit: 26 July, 2020.


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Helping Grandparents

Stuart: Hi Nana, hi Grandad, how are you?

Nana: We’re good. How are you Stuart?

Stuart: I’m good. I’m enjoying the holiday.

Nana: How is your study going?

Stuart: Really well, thanks. Can I help you with those groceries?

Nana: That would be great thank you. Just put them on the kitchen bench over there.

Stuart: Right here?

Nana: Yes, that’s fine. Thank you so much.

Stuart: Is there anything else I can do for you?

Nana: Would you mind taking out the rubbish?

Stuart: Of course not.

Nana: I’m so glad to have a grandson like you, Stuart!

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Question time:

  1. Where is Stuart?……. Visiting his grandparents.
  2. What does Stuart help his Nana with first?……The groceries.
  3. What is the second thing Stuart helps with?……The rubbish.

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Morning Tea

Nana: Stuart, would you like a hot drink and scones?

Stuart: Yes, please.

Nana: Would you prefer coffee or tea?

Stuart: Tea please.

Nana: Do you take milk and sugar?

Stuart: Just one spoon of sugar and milk thanks.

Nana: Stuart, can you see the tea on the top shelf?

Stuart: Yes, I can see it.

Nana: Can you get it down for me please?

Stuart: Yes, here you are.

Nana: Thanks


It’s question time

  1. What food and drink will they have?…..A cup of tea and scones.
  2. Where is the tea?….It’s on the top shelf.
  3. How does Stuart like his tea?….With one spoon of sugar and milk.

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A Visit

Nana: Stuart, here is your cousin John and his wife Janet.

Stuart: Hello! The last time I saw you both was at your wedding.

John: Yes, that’s right.

Stuart: How are you these days?

Janet: We’re great thanks. We’re on holiday right now.

Stuart: Me too.

Janet: How are you Stuart?

Stuart: I’m still studying.

Janet: What do you want to be when you graduate?

Stuart: I want to be an engineer.


It’s question time

  1. Who visits?…..John and Janet.
  2. Who is Stuart’s cousin?……John.
  3. What does Stuart want to be when he graduates?….An engineer.


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9. Asking a favour, dropping someone off & buying movie tickets: 19 July, 2020.


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Kim asks a favour

Kim: Good morning Stuart, did you sleep well?

Stuart: Yes, very well thanks.

Kim: What are you doing this morning?

Stuart: Mmm nothing much.

Kim: Can I ask a favour?

Stuart: Yes, what is it?

Kim: The windows are dirty…so can you wash the windows?

Stuart: Oh yes, of course.

Kim: Thanks Stuart. Dave is busy this morning.

Stuart: Is he?

Kim: Yes, he is working overtime until 3 pm.

Stuart: Well, I’m happy to help out.

Kim: Thanks, the cleaners are in the laundry.

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Question time:

  1. How will Stuart help Kim?….. He will wash the windows.
  2. What is Dave doing?… He’s working overtime.
  3. What time will Dave finish working?….3pm.

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Dropping Someone Off

Kim: Stuart, are you ready to go to the movies now?

Stuart: Yes, I am.

Kim: It feels chilly outside. Do you have a jacket?

Stuart: Yes, I do.

Kim: OK, let’s go in. Get in the car.

Stuart: Can you unlock the door?

Kim: Yes, where shall I drop you off?

Stuart: On the corner of Dee Street and Don Street.

Kim: OK, How will you get home?

Stuart: Mike’s parents will bring me home after the movie.

Kim: OK. Let’s go. Put your seat belt on.


It’s question time.

  1. How is the weather outside?….It feels chilly.
  2. Where will Kim drop off Stuart?….On the corner of Dee and Don Streets.
  3. How will Stuart get home after the movie?….with Mike’s parents.

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Buying Movie Tickets

Cashier: Good evening and welcome to Movie Land. Which movie would you like to see?

Stuart: Which movie do you recommend?

Cashier: Robotman is very popular.

Stuart: OK, we’d like to see it.

Cashier: Is that for 8:00 or 9:45?

Stuart: 8:00 pm please

Cashier: How many tickets would you like?

Stuart: Two thanks.

Cashier: Here are your tickets. Is there anything else?

Stuart: One large popcorn and two orange drinks please.

Cashier: Would you like plain popcorn or hot-butter popcorn?

Stuart: Hot-butter popcorn please.

Cashier: With student discount that is $29 thanks.

Stuart: Here is $30.

Cashier: Here is your change. Enjoy the movie.

Stuart: Thanks.


Question time

  1. How many tickets does Stuart buy?…….Two.
  2. What is the name of the movie?….Robotman.
  3. What food and drinks does he buy? Popcorn and orange drinks.

Thanks for joining, see you again next time.



8. Making dinner plans, eating pizza & making weekend plans: 12 July, 2020.


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Making Dinner Plans

Kim: Stuart, are you hungry?

Stuart: Yes, I’m very hungry.

Dave: What would you like to eat?

Stuart: Pizza at the Pizza Palace. They have student discount.

Kim: OK, let’s order. What toppings do you like?

Stuart: I’d like Ham and Pineapple.

Dave: Pepperoni, please.

Kim: I’ve ordered them on my cell phone.

Stuart: is that for delivery or pick up?

Kim: Pick up, it’s cheaper!

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It’s question time:

  1. How does Stuart feel?…..He is hungry.
  2. What will they eat for dinner?…..Pizza.
  3. What is the name of the pizza restaurant?….The Pizza Palace.

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Eating Pizza

Kim: Oh! The pepperoni pizza is hot, but the ham and pineapple pizza is cold!

Stuart: Mum, I’ll heat it up in the microwave.

Kim: OK, do you want anything else?

Stuart: I’d like some chilli sauce on mine thanks.

Dave: So what does that taste like?

Stuart: It’s very nice.

Kim: Mmmm …I’ll try that on one slice of pizza.

Stuart: I have a friend who puts corn on his pizza.

Kim: Really? Stuart, it sounds very healthy. Would you like some salad too?

Stuart: Yes, please. This is very nice pizza.

Kim: Mmm, I’m full! Who wants this slice?

Stuart: Me, please!


Question Time:

  1. Are both pizzas hot?….no, they’re not.
  2. What does Stuart put on his pizza?….chilli sauce.
  3. Who puts corn on his pizza?… Stuart’s friend.

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Making Weekend Plans

Kim: Stuart, do you have plans for the weekend?

Stuart: Yes, I’d like to see my friends. We’re thinking of going to the movies.

Kim: What are you going to see?

Stuart: Robotman.

Kim: What is that about?

Stuart: It’s about a robot who became a man and his life.

Kim: That sounds interesting.  When is it on?

Stuart: It’s on Saturday night at 8 pm.

Kim: Would you like me to drop you off in the car?

Stuart: That would be great thanks.


Question Time.

  1. What will Stuart do on Saturday night?….He will see a movie with his friends.
  2. What is the name of the movie?….Robotman.
  3. What time is the movie on?…8 pm.

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Have a happy day!






7. Buying petrol, asking for directions & at the airport: 5 July, 2020.

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Kim and Dave Buy Petrol

Kim: Dave, the petrol tank is almost empty!

Dave: Kim, there’s a petrol station up ahead.

Kim: How much petrol do we need, and what kind?

Dave: $60 of regular.

Kim: I’ll pay inside. Do you want anything?

Dave: Yes, I’d like a newspaper.

Shop assistant: Hello, what pump did you use?

Kim: Number 5.

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Question Time:

  1. Where are Kim and Dave?…. At the petrol Station.
  2. How much petrol did they buy?… $60.
  3. Which pump did they use?…. Number 5.

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Asking for Directions

Dave: Kim, let’s pick up Stuart from the airport.

Kim: Uh, oh. I’m lost. How do I get to the airport?

Dave: Turn right onto Tweed St.

Kim: OK

Dave: Then drive straight over the bridge.

Kim: This is Stead St.

Dave: Yes, and turn right onto Airport Avenue.

Kim: OK. Where can I park the car?

Dave: In the visitors’ car park.


Question Time

  1. Where are Kim and Dave driving to?…The airport.
  2. Who gives directions?….Dave.
  3. Where is the airport?…. Airport Avenue.

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At the Airport

Dave: Flight number NZ5703 has arrived, Kim.

Kim: Look! There’s Stuart now.

Dave: Welcome home, son. We missed you.

Stuart: I missed you too.

Kim: How are you?

Stuart: I’m great thanks, and excited to be home.

Kim: How was  your time at University?

Stuart: It was busy, but we enjoyed fun barbecues and sports trips.

Kim: Do you have all your things?

Stuart: Yes, I have that large suitcase, and this small bag.


Question Time

  1. What flight number was Stuart on?… NZ 5703.
  2. What did Stuart enjoy at university?… The barbecues and sports trips.
  3. How many bags does Stuart have?… Two.


Thanks for joining and see you next time.