19. Future plans, making plans & ambitions: 15 Nov, 2020


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Future Plans

A: So Simon about the future…what will you do next?

S: I really want to go hiking…There are some great tracks near here.

A: Yes, there are, and what will do you do after that?

S: Let’s see… I’m going to look for a job.

A: I see, so what kind of job will you look for?

S: I’d like to work on a farm near here, so I can be near my family.

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Question Time:

  1. Who is he?…. Simon.
  2. What does Simon what to do next?…Go hiking.
  3. What kind of job will Simon do?… A farm job.

invercargill water towerinvercargill water tower


Making Plans

A: Now Simon do you think you’ll get married soon?

S: Me? I’m only 20…I don’t want to get married until I’m 25…I still have a lot of things to see and do.

A: Ah…that sounds interesting. Is there anywhere special you want to go?

S: Well…I’d like to see a few famous sites…I’m interested in history.

A: And in the future… how many children do you think you’ll have?

S: Hmm, let’s see…I don’t know, maybe four.


Question time

  1. Is Simon married?….No
  2. When does he want to get married?…. 25
  3. How many children does he think he would like?…Maybe four.

invercargill water towerinvercargill water towerinvercargill water tower


Home and ambitions

A: So Simon, what kind of home would you like?

S: Umm, let’s see…ah, a nice home in the city.

A: Yes, you’ll need a large home for a big family.

S: Yes, one with a big back yard.

A: And were do you see yourself in the future?

S: Well, I want to start a small successful company.

A: So, what kind of company are you thinking of?

S: I’m still deciding on it.


Question Time

  1. Where does he want to live?…. In the city.
  2. What size home does he need?… A large home.
  3. What will he start in the future?…A small successful company.


That’s all for today. There is just one more English Time class to go.

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