20. I need some advice, What do you think? Can you help me? 29 Nov, 2020


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I need some advice

A: This is Advice Line, how can I help?

B: Hello, this is Brad. I’m 18 and I love my mum and dad a lot, but sometimes I think I disappoint them.

A: Well, Brad, let’s see. I think there are plenty of things you can do. I know everybody likes compliments, even your mother and father. Why don’t you compliment them on things they have done, and take time to talk to them and listen. It’s important to be a good listener. I think if you do all that, they’ll think you are a great son.

B: Ok, thanks.

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Question time:

  1. What does Brad want?…. to be a better son.
  2. What advice does Tess give?…. to give compliments and to talk to them.
  3. What is  very important?.. to be a better listener.

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What do you think?

A: Hello, this is advice line. How can I help you?

B: Hello, this is Sally. How can I be a better friend?

A: OK, good question. Friendship is very important and you  have to work at it all the time. You may want to ask your friends questions, as it shows that you are interested in them. When it is their birthday, celebrate it with a small gift, such as a card.

B: Ok, great ideas, thanks, I’ll give them a try.


Question time:

  1. What does Sally want?… to be a better friend.
  2. What advice does Tess give?… to show an interest in them by asking questions.
  3. What is another piece of advice?… to buy a birthday card, or a small gift.

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Can you help me?

A: Hello, this is advice line, how can I help?

B: Hi, I’m Bob, I just got a new job. I want to know how to be a good employee. See, I want my boss and co-workers to appreciate me.

A: OK, great Bob. Well, work is an important part of our lives. So, first of all, don’t be afraid to say I don’t know, or can you help me? You need to remember that everyone makes mistakes and when you make mistakes, just try to learn from them.

B: Well, should I try to do things like go to work very early in the morning?

A: Oh, no no. You don’t have to do that, but if you get to work just a little early is a good idea.


Question Time:

  1. What did Bob just get?…a new job.
  2. What does he want?… He wants to be appreciated at work.
  3. What should he say if he wants help?… Can you help me?


Thanks for joining. This has been the last English Time session.


19. Future plans, making plans & ambitions: 15 Nov, 2020


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Future Plans

A: So Simon about the future…what will you do next?

S: I really want to go hiking…There are some great tracks near here.

A: Yes, there are, and what will do you do after that?

S: Let’s see… I’m going to look for a job.

A: I see, so what kind of job will you look for?

S: I’d like to work on a farm near here, so I can be near my family.

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Question Time:

  1. Who is he?…. Simon.
  2. What does Simon what to do next?…Go hiking.
  3. What kind of job will Simon do?… A farm job.

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Making Plans

A: Now Simon do you think you’ll get married soon?

S: Me? I’m only 20…I don’t want to get married until I’m 25…I still have a lot of things to see and do.

A: Ah…that sounds interesting. Is there anywhere special you want to go?

S: Well…I’d like to see a few famous sites…I’m interested in history.

A: And in the future… how many children do you think you’ll have?

S: Hmm, let’s see…I don’t know, maybe four.


Question time

  1. Is Simon married?….No
  2. When does he want to get married?…. 25
  3. How many children does he think he would like?…Maybe four.

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Home and ambitions

A: So Simon, what kind of home would you like?

S: Umm, let’s see…ah, a nice home in the city.

A: Yes, you’ll need a large home for a big family.

S: Yes, one with a big back yard.

A: And were do you see yourself in the future?

S: Well, I want to start a small successful company.

A: So, what kind of company are you thinking of?

S: I’m still deciding on it.


Question Time

  1. Where does he want to live?…. In the city.
  2. What size home does he need?… A large home.
  3. What will he start in the future?…A small successful company.


That’s all for today. There is just one more English Time class to go.

18. How do you save money? the second hand store & home repairs: 1 November, 2020.


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How do you save money?

A: Hello, I’m, interviewing people to see how they save money. Excuse me, what is your name?

B: I’m Tim.

A: Well, hi Tim. Do you try to save money?

B: Well, yes. I’m a student, so I have to save money.

A: Well…how do you save money?

B: Let’s see…I buy clothes if they are on sale, so I never pay full price for anything, and I look out for discounts too.

A: Well that’s great. Thanks very much Tim.

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It’s question time

  1. Who is he?…..Tim.
  2. What does Tim do?…He’s a student.
  3. How does Tim save money?… He buys clothes on sale.

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I go to the second hand store

A: Can you tell me your name?

B: Oh me? I’m Sally.

A: Hi Sally…now, do you try to save money, Sally?

B: Yes, of course…I get some of my clothes at a second hand store, like these jeans and this blouse.

A: Really? I love your outfit. That’s very original.

B: Thanks. I bought these shoes on sale at a department store.

A: Great. Well thanks Sally!


Question Time:

  1. Who is she?…Sally.
  2. What items did Sally buy from a second hand store?… her jeans and blouse.
  3. What did she buy from a department store?… her shoes.

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I repair things

A: And you, sir?

B: Who me?

A: Yes, what’s your name?

B: I’m Colin.

A: Colin, you try to save money too, don’t you?

B: Oh, yes….you know the best way to do that is to not pay people money to fix things.

A: What do you mean Colin?

B: Well, I fix things myself. Well, I try to like..I fix my car, or sometimes I repair things around the house.

A: Well, that sounds really smart.

B: And you know… there is another thing I like to do…like I never buy DVD’s. I always rent them. You can save a lot of money that way.

A: Well, I’m sure you’re right, thanks very much Colin.


Question time

  1. Who is he?…Colin.
  2. What does Colin try to fix?…His car.
  3. What is another way he tries to save money?… He rents DVD’s.

Thanks for joining.


17. What are your interests? In my free time &my hobby: 18 October, 2020


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What are your interests?

Dean: So do you get much free time Megan?

Megan: Free time? Ha! Not really, but when I do, I really like to read.

Dean: Oh read?

Megan: Yeah, I like all kinds of books. I read in the evening after dinner, and in bed. See reading is good because it doesn’t cost much, and I can borrow books for free from friends and the library.

Dean: I love reading, but there is just one problem.

Megan: What’s that?

Dean: It makes me sleepy, I sometimes fall asleep while I’m reading.

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  1. What are they talking about?….Reading.
  2. What is good about reading?….It doesn’t cost much money.
  3. What doesn’t Dean like about reading?….It makes him sleepy.

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In my free time

Linda: And what about you Alex? Do you have any hobbies?

Alex: Well, in my free time I enjoy cooking.

Linda: Oh, cooking?

Alex: Yes, I love to spend time in the kitchen creating meals.

Linda: You know, cooking is pretty creative, isn’t it?

Alex: Yes, I like to try  new ideas when I’m cooking. The only problem is time. I hardly ever have enough time.

Linda: Oh, does it take a lot of time to cook well?

Alex: Yes, it does, it takes a lot of time to cook a really good meal.



  1. What are they talking about?…..cooking.
  2. What does Alex like about cooking?….It’s creative.
  3. What doesn’t Alex like about cooking?…It takes a lot of time.

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My hobby

Rachel: So Mark, do you have a hobby?

Mark: Yes, actually I do, and my hobby is extremely relaxing.

Rachel: Really? well, what do you do?

Mark: I like to fish.

Rachel: Huh? You like fishing?

Mark: Oh, yeah. On weekends I go to the river and try to catch some fish.

Rachel: You try? Do you catch many?

Mark: Well no, not really, but it’s great to sit outdoors in the fresh air, you know.

Rachel: Yeah, sounds nice.


Rachel: But what?

Mark: But it’s an expensive hobby. You need good equipment, and it’s expensive.




  1. What are they talking about?……Fishing.
  2. what does Mark like about fishing?….It’s relaxing.
  3. What doesn’t Mark like about fishing?…..It’s expensive.


Thanks for joining, see you next time.

16. What is he like? What are they like? & Tell me about your friend: 4 Oct, 2020.


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What is he like?

A: So tell me about your friend Mark.

B: Oh Mark ..he is always telling jokes and making people laugh.

A: Oh, so you mean he is very funny?

B: That’s right.

A: And what about Brad?

B: Oh, Brad will try anything, he climbs mountains, goes surfing, likes snowboarding..he even goes diving.

A: So he’s really adventurous.

B: Oh, yeah.

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It’s Question Time:

  1. Who are they talking about?….Mark and Brad.
  2. Who is very adventurous?….Brad.
  3. Who is very funny?……Mark.

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What are they like?

B: Tell me about your friends.

A: Brian is full of great ideas, he can solve all kinds of problems, but most of all he is a wonderful painter.

B: He sounds kind of creative.

A: Yes, he is. Tell me about your friend Prue.

B: Prue? Oh well, once she decides to do something, she won’t change her mind.

A: Oh I see, so she’s really stubborn.



Question Time

  1. Who are they talking about?…. Brian and Prue.
  2. Who is creative?…. Brian.
  3. Who is stubborn?….Prue.

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Tell me about your friend.

B: Can you tell me about  your friend Blue?

A: Hmmm, he’s not very active, and he watches too much TV.

B: Well he sounds like of lazy.

A: Yes, I guess that is the right word for Blue. But we like him anyway.  What’s your friend Dana like?

B: Well Dana is always dropping things and breaking things. she should be more careful.

A: Is she always careless?

B: Yes.


Question time

  1. Who are they talking about?…..Blue and Dana.
  2. Who is lazy?….Blue
  3. Who is careless?…Dana.

That’s all for today. Don’t forget to look up the new vocabulary words in your dictionary or on the internet.


15. What do they look like? 20 September, 2020


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What do they look like?

Evelyn: Brad, this is our office party. Why don’t you join us?

Brad: Thanks.  Which one is your boss?

Evelyn: Oh Karen, She’s the woman over there in that group. See the tall one there with the short blonde hair. Do you see who I mean?

Brad: Oh, yeah, the woman on the left?

Evelyn: Yes, She is very athletic and likes to race huskies.

Brad: That sounds really interesting.

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Question time

  1. Where are they?……At the office party.
  2. Who is the boss?…..Karen.
  3. What does she look like?….Tall with short blonde hair.

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Which one is she?

Evelyn: And that one is Rosalie, my best friend at the office.

Brad: Oh, Rosalie, the one you are always talking about. Which one is she?

Evelyn: She’s the one with curly black hair with the round face, she’s sitting with the guy in the blue shirt. She’s really funny. We always make each other laugh.

Brad: What is she interested in?

Evelyn: She loves gardening.

Brad: Oh that is something we have in common.


Question Time

  1. What does Rosalie look like?… She has curly black hair and a round face.
  2. Where is Rosalie?… She’s beside the man in the blue shirt.
  3. What does she enjoy?… Gardening.

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Who is that guy over there?

Brad: And who is that guy over there with the dark eyebrows and dark hair?

Evelyn: Oh, the big guy? The one who is talking to Karen. That’s David, the security guard. He’s really

helpful. He has a really lovely dog called Guy.

Brad: And how about that muscular guy there? Who is he? He looks familiar.

Evelyn: The man in blue jeans, he’s not very tall, right? That is Ben, Karen’s assistant. He is interested in archery.



Question Time:

  1. Who is the security guard?….David.
  2. Who is the man in blue jeans?….Ben.
  3. What is Ben interested in?…..Archery.


That is all for today. See you next time. Use your dictionary to learn the new words.



14. How was your trip? 6 September, 2020.


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Talking about a hiking trip.

Brad: Sarah, so how was your hiking trip?

Sarah: It was really fun. We hiked all day and then camped out at night.

Brad: Oh, I thought you didn’t like camping.

Sarah: I thought it might be frightening.

Brad: Were you alone?

Sarah: No, but I was worried about possums.

Brad: Oh no.

Sarah: But it was fine, there weren’t any possums or insects at all.

Brad: What was the best thing about the trip?

Sarah: Seeing the stars at night. It was really wonderful.

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Question time

  1. What was Sarah worried about on her hiking trip?…Possums.
  2. How was the trip?…It was fine.
  3. What did Sarah like the most?…Seeing the stars at night.

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2. A trip to the beach.

Sarah: So Mark, how was your trip to Curio Bay?

Mark: It was fine on Saturday, but it rained on Sunday.

Sarah: What did you do there?

Mark: We went sightseeing and walking, but we stayed indoors on Sunday.

Sarah: Oh no, how was that?

Mark: It was great, but kind of boring on Sunday.

Sarah: So what was the highlight of your trip?

Mark: Seeing the petrified forest. It was fascinating.


Question time

  1. Where did Mark go on the weekend?….Curio Bay.
  2. How was the weather?…..It was fine on Saturday and rainy on Sunday.
  3. What did Mark like the most?…The petrified forest.

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3. Talking about a road trip.

Brad: So Susan, where were you last weekend? I called you but you didn’t answer.

Susan: I went with some friends to Queenstown.

Brad: Queenstown? That sounds exciting. Did you have a great time?

Susan: Yes we did, but I was kind of nervous about the trip.

Brad: Why is that?

Susan: The driver is on his learner’s licence.

Brad: Oh, I see what you mean. How was his driving?

Susan: Pretty good, but he still has things to learn.

Brad: Like what?

Susan: He forgot to indicate when changing lanes.


Question time.

  1. Where did Susan go on the weekend?…Queenstown.
  2. How did Susan feel about going?….Nervous.
  3. What did the driver forget to do when changing lanes?….Indicate.


That’s all for today, see you next time.





13. Winning free tickets & going to a steak restaurant: 23 August, 2020.

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Winning Free Tickets

Maria: You look very excited!

Tim: Yes, I won free tickets to the Fern Hill Steakhouse!

Maria: Really? Wow, how did you win the tickets?

Tim: I answered a question on the ABC Radio Show.

Maria: Well done! You are very lucky.

Tim: Thanks. When would you like to go out for dinner?

Maria: How about tonight?

Tim: OK. I’ll make a reservation at 7 pm for two.

Maria: That sounds great.

Tim: “Hello, I’d like to make a reservation for two at 7 pm tonight.”

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Question Time:

  1. Why is Tim very excited?…He won free tickets to The Fern Hill Steakhouse.
  2. How did he win free tickets?….He answered a question on the ABC radio show.
  3. What time will they go out for dinner tonight?…7 pm.

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At the Fern Hill Steakhouse

Waiter: Good evening.

Tim: We have a reservation for 7 pm

Waiter: Yes, follow me please. Can I get you something to drink?

Tim: We’d like two orange juices please.

Waiter: Here are your drinks. Are you ready to order?

Tim: Yes, we’ll have two New York Steaks, please.

Waiter: How would you like them?

Tim: I’ll have mine medium, please.

Maria: I’ll have mine well-done, thanks.

Waiter: That comes with a potato, soup or salad.

Maria: We’d like potatoes and salad, please.

Waiter: Will that be all?

Tim: Yes, thanks.


Question Time:

  1. What is the name of the restaurant?…..The Fern Hill Steakhouse.
  2. What do they want to drink?…..Orange Juice.
  3. What do they have with their steaks?….Potatoes and salad.


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The Food Arrives

Waiter: Here you are. Two New York Steaks with potatoes and salad.

Tim: Thanks.

Waiter: How are your steaks?

Maria: They’re perfect thanks.

Waiter: Would you like some more bread?

Maria: Yes, please.

Waiter: Would you like some dessert this evening?

Maria: No thanks. I’m full. Can I take this home?

Waiter: Yes, I’ll get your a take-home box.

Tim: That was an excellent dinner, thanks.

Waiter: Here you are.

Maria: Thanks.


Question Time:

1. How are their steaks?….They’re perfect.

2. Do they want more bread?….Yes, they do.d

3. How does Maria take home some food?….. In a take home box.


two kiwis


English time was weekly, but from now, a new conversation will be produced every two weeks (fortnightly), and repeated the following Sunday.

Thanks for joining. See you next time.





12. Talking about hair, getting a haircut & at the DVD store: 16 August, 2020


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Talking about Hair

Maria: Hi Tim, your hair is getting a little untidy.

Tim: It must be time for a haircut.

Maria: When will you get it cut?

Tim: I can get it cut this afternoon.

Maria: So where will you go?

Tim: There is a popular barber on Blue Street. It’s D.J’s Barber Shop.

Maria: How much do they charge?

Tim: $22.50.

Maria: That’s reasonable. Let’s go together. I want to shop nearby.

Tim: Ok, let’s go at 5 pm.

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Question Time

  1. Who has untidy hair?….. Tim.
  2. Where will he get his hair cut?….D.J’s Barber shop.
  3. Where is D.J’s Barber shop located?…..Blue Street.

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Getting a hair cut

Barber: Hello, how can I help you?

Tim: I need a haircut.

Barber: Please have a seat.

Tim: Thank  you.

Barber: How would you like your hair cut?

Tim: Just a trim please.

Barber: Do you live in Invercargill?

Tim: Yes, I do. I live in Heidelburg with my wife.

Barber: So how does it look?

Tim: It looks great.

Barber: Do you want me to wash your hair?

Tim: No thanks. I’ll do it at home. How much do I owe you?

Barber: $23.

Tim: Here you are.

Barber: Thanks. Have a nice day.


Question time

  1. How does Tim want his hair cut?……Just a trim.
  2. Does Tim have his hair washed?…..No, he doesn’t.
  3. How much did his haircut cost?….$23.

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At the DVD store

Maria: Tim, what do yo want to watch tonight?

Tim: How about Mystery 101?

Maria: Excuse me, do you have Mystery 101?

Assistant: Let me check….I’m sorry, it’s checked out.

Maria: Thanks anyway.

Tim: Let’s look at the new DVD’s.

Maria: This looks interesting. It’s called Finding Your Feet. What do you think?

Tim: I’ve heard it’s very good. Let’s get it.

Assistant: May I have your membership card please?

Maria: Here you are.

Assistant: Please return it tomorrow. That’ll be $5.

Maria: Here’s $5.

Assistant: Here you go. Enjoy the movie.

Maria: Thanks.


Question Time:

  1. What movie was checked out?…. Mystery 101.
  2. What movie do they borrow?…. Finding Your Feet.
  3. How much is it to hire a DVD?……$5.



Thanks for joining. If you listen and learn English Time, send me an email to anne.murray_esol@yahoo.com.  I am interested to know how many people are listening and learning.

Bye for now. I will be recording every 2 weeks from now.

11. Learning the road code, driving practice & planning a get-together: 2 August 2020


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Learning the Rode Code

Maria: Tim, where are you?

Tim: I’m in the kitchen.

Maria: What are you doing?

Tim: I’m studying the Road Code. There is a lot to study.

Maria: How is that going?

Tim: It’s not easy. I’m learning about the rules at intersections.

Maria: So what rules do you know?

Tim: If I’m turning left, I have the right of way.

Maria: And what if you are turning right?

Tim: I have to give way to other cars.

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It’s question time:

  1. Where is Tim?….. he’s in the kitchen.
  2. What is he doing?…..he’s studying the Road Code.
  3. When does Tim have to give way?….when he is turning right.

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Driving Practice

Instructor: Hello Tim, are you ready for your first driving lesson?

Tim: Yes, I’m feeling nervous.

Instructor: I can understand how you feel. Everybody feels like that at first.

Tim: Mmmmm

Instructor: But I will help you, and we will drive on a quiet country road.

Tim: That is a good idea.

Instructor: Tim, get inside the car, and I’ll drive at first. Do up your seat-belt.

Tim: OK.

Instructor: Now, watch me as I make the car go and stop.

Tim: OK.

Instructor: My right foot changes pedals from the accelerator to the brake. Next, I want you to try.


It’s question time:

  1. What is Tim doing?……He’s taking  a driving lesson.
  2. Where do they go?……To a quiet country road.
  3. What does Tim learn?… How to go and stop.

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Planning a get-together


Maria: Hi Tim, how was your driving lesson?

Tim: It was great.

Maria: weren’t you scared?

Tim: only a little at first. But soon it was easy.

Maria: I think we should celebrate.

Tim: What?

Maria: Your success on your first driving lesson. Let’s have a lovely Sunday lunch and invite friends.

Tim: Sounds good to me.

Maria: It will be a great way to catch up with old friends and meet some newcomers too.

Tim: Yes, I heard there is a new family who have arrived. Their names are Pedro and Nina.


It’s question time:

  1. What is Maria planning?….. A get-together at Sunday lunch.
  2. Why will they celebrate?…. Tim had his first driving lesson.
  3. Who are the newcomers?…. Pedro and Nina.

Thanks for joining English Time. See you again next week.