16. What is he like? What are they like? & Tell me about your friend: 4 Oct, 2020.


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What is he like?

A: So tell me about your friend Mark.

B: Oh Mark ..he is always telling jokes and making people laugh.

A: Oh, so you mean he is very funny?

B: That’s right.

A: And what about Brad?

B: Oh, Brad will try anything, he climbs mountains, goes surfing, likes snowboarding..he even goes diving.

A: So he’s really adventurous.

B: Oh, yeah.

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It’s Question Time:

  1. Who are they talking about?….Mark and Brad.
  2. Who is very adventurous?….Brad.
  3. Who is very funny?……Mark.

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What are they like?

B: Tell me about your friends.

A: Brian is full of great ideas, he can solve all kinds of problems, but most of all he is a wonderful painter.

B: He sounds kind of creative.

A: Yes, he is. Tell me about your friend Prue.

B: Prue? Oh well, once she decides to do something, she won’t change her mind.

A: Oh I see, so she’s really stubborn.



Question Time

  1. Who are they talking about?…. Brian and Prue.
  2. Who is creative?…. Brian.
  3. Who is stubborn?….Prue.

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Tell me about your friend.

B: Can you tell me about  your friend Blue?

A: Hmmm, he’s not very active, and he watches too much TV.

B: Well he sounds like of lazy.

A: Yes, I guess that is the right word for Blue. But we like him anyway.¬† What’s your friend Dana like?

B: Well Dana is always dropping things and breaking things. she should be more careful.

A: Is she always careless?

B: Yes.


Question time

  1. Who are they talking about?…..Blue and Dana.
  2. Who is lazy?….Blue
  3. Who is careless?…Dana.

That’s all for today. Don’t forget to look up the new vocabulary words in your dictionary or on the internet.


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