1. Introductions & neighbours: May 24, 2020


invercargill water tower

Kim:  Hello!

Maria: Hi

Kim: My name is Kim, what is your name?

Maria: My name is Maria, and my husband is Tim.

Kim: Maria, where are you from?

Maria: We’re from Colombia, and you?

Kim: I’m from Invercargill. What do you do?

Maria: We’re cleaners, and you?

Kim: I work at the supermarket.

Maria: Oh, it’s raining. It was nice talking, see you next time, bye.

Kim: Yes, I have to go now, see you next time.

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It is question time. Can you answer these questions?

  1. Who are they? … Kim and Maria.
  2. Where are Maria and Tim from? Colombia.
  3. Where is Kim from? New Zealand.
  4. What does Maria do? She is a cleaner.
  5. What does Kim do? She works at the supermarket.
  6. How is the weather? It is raining.

invercargill water towerinvercargill water tower


Kim: Oh, hi Maria! It is a lovely day today!

Maria: Hi Kim, yes it is sunny. What are you doing now?

Kim: Oh, I’m going to exercise.

Maria: So where are you going?

Kim: I’m going to bike in the park.

Maria: Oh really, I like walking in the park in Autumn.

Kim: It’s a lovely park, and so big.

Maria: Well, I’ll see you later…. when will you be home?

Kim: I’ll be home in two hours…about 3 pm ..I’m going to the post office too.

Maria: OK, see you after 3 o’clock.


It’s question time. Can you answer the questions?

  1. Who are they? …Maria and Kim.
  2. What is Kim going to do?…She is going to exercise.
  3. How will Kim exercise?…She will bike in the park.
  4. When will Kim get back home? In two hours…. around 3 pm.
  5. How is the weather?…It is sunny.

invercargill water towerinvercargill water towerinvercargill water tower


Kim: Good Morning Maria, how are you?

Maria: Good thanks, and you?

Kim: I’m good. I’m driving to work in five minutes..(8 am). Do you want a ride?

Maria: Thanks, but I like to walk to the school, and then to work.

Kim: Oh, it’s going to rain, so take your jacket.

Maria: Ok, I’ll do that. Can we talk after work?

Kim: Yes, we can if you like. I’ll be home at 6 pm.

Maria: Great, see you then. Bye.


It’s question time. Can you answer the questions?

  1. What time is it?…It’s 8 o’clock in the morning.
  2. Where is Kim going? She’s going to work.
  3. How is she going there? By car, she will drive her car.
  4. Where is Maria going? She is going to school, then work.
  5. How will Maria go to work? On foot, she will walk.
  6. What time will they meet? After 6 pm.


It’s quiz time. Can you say two words?

Can you say 2 people?………Kim and Maria.

Can you say 2 countries?…..Colombia and New Zealand.

Can you say 2 jobs?……….Cleaning and supermarket worker.

Can you say 2 kinds of weather?………rainy and sunny.

Can you say 2 cities? Invercargill and Auckland.

Can you say 2 kinds of exercise? Cycling and walking.


Thanks for joining in. See you again next week!

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