2. Visiting neighbours: 31 May, 2020


invercargill water tower


Maria: Hello Kim

Kim: Hello Maria, come in.

Maria: Thanks.

Kim: Can I take your jacket, Maria?

Maria: Thanks, Kim.

Kim: Dave, this is Maria, our neighbour. Maria this is my husband Dave.

Dave: Hi Maria. Nice to meet you.

Maria: Nice to meet you too.

Kim: Maria, would you like a drink of orange juice?

Maria: Yes please.

Kim: Take a seat on the sofa.

Maria: Thanks, your home is so lovely.

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It’s question time:

  1. Who are they? … Kim, Maria, and Dave.
  2. Where are they?…..Kim and Dave’s home.
  3. What does Maria drink?….orange juice.
  4. Where does Maria sit down? …on the sofa.
  5. Who is Kim’s husband?…Dave.


invercargill water towerinvercargill water tower


Maria: That’s a nice wedding picture. When did you get married?

Kim: Three years ago in Bluff.

Maria: Are those your parents, Kim?

Kim: Yes, and my brother is standing next to them.

Maria: Who is this in the purple dress?

Kim: That is my sister. How many people are in your family Maria?

Maria: I have three brothers and one sister.

Kim: That is really big. Are you the oldest?

Maria: No, I’m the second oldest.


It’s question time.

  1. When did Kim get married?… 3 years ago.
  2.  Who is in the purple dress? …. Kim’s sister.
  3. How many people are in Maria’s family?… three brothers and one sister.
  4.   Is Maria the oldest in her family?… No, she’s the second oldest.
  5. Where did Kim and Dave get married? …In Bluff.


invercargill water towerinvercargill water towerinvercargill water tower


Kim: So Maria, how is everything going?

Maria: Great, we are very happy here. We just got a dog.

Kim: Really? Is it a boy or a girl?

Maria: It’s a boy, and his name is Max.

Kim: What colour is he?

Maria: Max is brown.

Kim: What kind of dog is he?

Maria: He is a golden lab. Kim, Is there a vet near here?

Kim:  Yes, there is a vet one block away from here.

Maria: Great, thanks.


Question time: Can you answer these questions?

  1. What pet does Maria have?…… a dog.
  2. What colour is Max?……brown – golden brown.
  3. What kind of dog is Max?… He is a golden lab.
  4. Where is the vet? …It’s one block away.


It’s Quiz time:  Can you say two words?

  1. Can you say two drinks?……orange juice and water
  2. Can you say two family members?…….. mother and father
  3. Can you say two towns?………….Bluff and Gore
  4. Can you say two pets?…………..dog and cat.

That’s all for English time today.

Thanks for listening and see you next time.



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