11. Learning the road code, driving practice & planning a get-together: 2 August 2020


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Learning the Rode Code

Maria: Tim, where are you?

Tim: I’m in the kitchen.

Maria: What are you doing?

Tim: I’m studying the Road Code. There is a lot to study.

Maria: How is that going?

Tim: It’s not easy. I’m learning about the rules at intersections.

Maria: So what rules do you know?

Tim: If I’m turning left, I have the right of way.

Maria: And what if you are turning right?

Tim: I have to give way to other cars.

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It’s question time:

  1. Where is Tim?….. he’s in the kitchen.
  2. What is he doing?…..he’s studying the Road Code.
  3. When does Tim have to give way?….when he is turning right.

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Driving Practice

Instructor: Hello Tim, are you ready for your first driving lesson?

Tim: Yes, I’m feeling nervous.

Instructor: I can understand how you feel. Everybody feels like that at first.

Tim: Mmmmm

Instructor: But I will help you, and we will drive on a quiet country road.

Tim: That is a good idea.

Instructor: Tim, get inside the car, and I’ll drive at first. Do up your seat-belt.

Tim: OK.

Instructor: Now, watch me as I make the car go and stop.

Tim: OK.

Instructor: My right foot changes pedals from the accelerator to the brake. Next, I want you to try.


It’s question time:

  1. What is Tim doing?……He’s takingĀ  a driving lesson.
  2. Where do they go?……To a quiet country road.
  3. What does Tim learn?… How to go and stop.

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Planning a get-together


Maria: Hi Tim, how was your driving lesson?

Tim: It was great.

Maria: weren’t you scared?

Tim: only a little at first. But soon it was easy.

Maria: I think we should celebrate.

Tim: What?

Maria: Your success on your first driving lesson. Let’s have a lovely Sunday lunch and invite friends.

Tim: Sounds good to me.

Maria: It will be a great way to catch up with old friends and meet some newcomers too.

Tim: Yes, I heard there is a new family who have arrived. Their names are Pedro and Nina.


It’s question time:

  1. What is Maria planning?….. A get-together at Sunday lunch.
  2. Why will they celebrate?…. Tim had his first driving lesson.
  3. Who are the newcomers?…. Pedro and Nina.

Thanks for joining English Time. See you again next week.


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