10. Helping Grandparents, Morning Tea & A Visit: 26 July, 2020.


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Helping Grandparents

Stuart: Hi Nana, hi Grandad, how are you?

Nana: We’re good. How are you Stuart?

Stuart: I’m good. I’m enjoying the holiday.

Nana: How is your study going?

Stuart: Really well, thanks. Can I help you with those groceries?

Nana: That would be great thank you. Just put them on the kitchen bench over there.

Stuart: Right here?

Nana: Yes, that’s fine. Thank you so much.

Stuart: Is there anything else I can do for you?

Nana: Would you mind taking out the rubbish?

Stuart: Of course not.

Nana: I’m so glad to have a grandson like you, Stuart!

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Question time:

  1. Where is Stuart?……. Visiting his grandparents.
  2. What does Stuart help his Nana with first?……The groceries.
  3. What is the second thing Stuart helps with?……The rubbish.

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Morning Tea

Nana: Stuart, would you like a hot drink and scones?

Stuart: Yes, please.

Nana: Would you prefer coffee or tea?

Stuart: Tea please.

Nana: Do you take milk and sugar?

Stuart: Just one spoon of sugar and milk thanks.

Nana: Stuart, can you see the tea on the top shelf?

Stuart: Yes, I can see it.

Nana: Can you get it down for me please?

Stuart: Yes, here you are.

Nana: Thanks


It’s question time

  1. What food and drink will they have?…..A cup of tea and scones.
  2. Where is the tea?….It’s on the top shelf.
  3. How does Stuart like his tea?….With one spoon of sugar and milk.

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A Visit

Nana: Stuart, here is your cousin John and his wife Janet.

Stuart: Hello! The last time I saw you both was at your wedding.

John: Yes, that’s right.

Stuart: How are you these days?

Janet: We’re great thanks. We’re on holiday right now.

Stuart: Me too.

Janet: How are you Stuart?

Stuart: I’m still studying.

Janet: What do you want to be when you graduate?

Stuart: I want to be an engineer.


It’s question time

  1. Who visits?…..John and Janet.
  2. Who is Stuart’s cousin?……John.
  3. What does Stuart want to be when he graduates?….An engineer.


Thanks for joining. See you next time.


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