13. Winning free tickets & going to a steak restaurant: 23 August, 2020.

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Winning Free Tickets

Maria: You look very excited!

Tim: Yes, I won free tickets to the Fern Hill Steakhouse!

Maria: Really? Wow, how did you win the tickets?

Tim: I answered a question on the ABC Radio Show.

Maria: Well done! You are very lucky.

Tim: Thanks. When would you like to go out for dinner?

Maria: How about tonight?

Tim: OK. I’ll make a reservation at 7 pm for two.

Maria: That sounds great.

Tim: “Hello, I’d like to make a reservation for two at 7 pm tonight.”

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Question Time:

  1. Why is Tim very excited?…He won free tickets to The Fern Hill Steakhouse.
  2. How did he win free tickets?….He answered a question on the ABC radio show.
  3. What time will they go out for dinner tonight?…7 pm.

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At the Fern Hill Steakhouse

Waiter: Good evening.

Tim: We have a reservation for 7 pm

Waiter: Yes, follow me please. Can I get you something to drink?

Tim: We’d like two orange juices please.

Waiter: Here are your drinks. Are you ready to order?

Tim: Yes, we’ll have two New York Steaks, please.

Waiter: How would you like them?

Tim: I’ll have mine medium, please.

Maria: I’ll have mine well-done, thanks.

Waiter: That comes with a potato, soup or salad.

Maria: We’d like potatoes and salad, please.

Waiter: Will that be all?

Tim: Yes, thanks.


Question Time:

  1. What is the name of the restaurant?…..The Fern Hill Steakhouse.
  2. What do they want to drink?…..Orange Juice.
  3. What do they have with their steaks?….Potatoes and salad.


invercargill water towerinvercargill water towerinvercargill water tower



The Food Arrives

Waiter: Here you are. Two New York Steaks with potatoes and salad.

Tim: Thanks.

Waiter: How are your steaks?

Maria: They’re perfect thanks.

Waiter: Would you like some more bread?

Maria: Yes, please.

Waiter: Would you like some dessert this evening?

Maria: No thanks. I’m full. Can I take this home?

Waiter: Yes, I’ll get your a take-home box.

Tim: That was an excellent dinner, thanks.

Waiter: Here you are.

Maria: Thanks.


Question Time:

1. How are their steaks?….They’re perfect.

2. Do they want more bread?….Yes, they do.d

3. How does Maria take home some food?….. In a take home box.


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