14. How was your trip? 6 September, 2020.


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Talking about a hiking trip.

Brad: Sarah, so how was your hiking trip?

Sarah: It was really fun. We hiked all day and then camped out at night.

Brad: Oh, I thought you didn’t like camping.

Sarah: I thought it might be frightening.

Brad: Were you alone?

Sarah: No, but I was worried about possums.

Brad: Oh no.

Sarah: But it was fine, there weren’t any possums or insects at all.

Brad: What was the best thing about the trip?

Sarah: Seeing the stars at night. It was really wonderful.

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Question time

  1. What was Sarah worried about on her hiking trip?…Possums.
  2. How was the trip?…It was fine.
  3. What did Sarah like the most?…Seeing the stars at night.

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2. A trip to the beach.

Sarah: So Mark, how was your trip to Curio Bay?

Mark: It was fine on Saturday, but it rained on Sunday.

Sarah: What did you do there?

Mark: We went sightseeing and walking, but we stayed indoors on Sunday.

Sarah: Oh no, how was that?

Mark: It was great, but kind of boring on Sunday.

Sarah: So what was the highlight of your trip?

Mark: Seeing the petrified forest. It was fascinating.


Question time

  1. Where did Mark go on the weekend?….Curio Bay.
  2. How was the weather?…..It was fine on Saturday and rainy on Sunday.
  3. What did Mark like the most?…The petrified forest.

invercargill water towerinvercargill water towerinvercargill water tower

3. Talking about a road trip.

Brad: So Susan, where were you last weekend? I called you but you didn’t answer.

Susan: I went with some friends to Queenstown.

Brad: Queenstown? That sounds exciting. Did you have a great time?

Susan: Yes we did, but I was kind of nervous about the trip.

Brad: Why is that?

Susan: The driver is on his learner’s licence.

Brad: Oh, I see what you mean. How was his driving?

Susan: Pretty good, but he still has things to learn.

Brad: Like what?

Susan: He forgot to indicate when changing lanes.


Question time.

  1. Where did Susan go on the weekend?…Queenstown.
  2. How did Susan feel about going?….Nervous.
  3. What did the driver forget to do when changing lanes?….Indicate.


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