3. Goodbye & going shopping: 7 June, 2020.


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Kim: Maria, can I get you anything else?

Maria: No thanks, I should go now.

Kim: Why so soon? It’s Friday!

Maria: I usually go to bed early at 9.30 pm. I like to exercise on Saturday mornings.

Kim: That’s good. Do you like strawberry jam?

Maria: Yes, I love it.

Kim: Well, I made some yesterday. I’ll get you a jar.

Maria: Thanks.

Kim: Good night.

Maria: Good night!

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It’s question time. Do you know the answers?

  1. Who are they?……Kim and Maria.
  2. When is it?……..Friday night.
  3. When does Maria go to bed?….9.40 pm.
  4. What does she like to do on Saturday morning?…exercise.
  5. What did Kim give to Maria?….A jar of strawberry jam.

invercargill water towerinvercargill water tower


Kim goes shopping to buy jeans.

Shop assistant (SA): Hello, may I help you?

Kim: Yes, I’m looking for some jeans.

SA: We have some new jeans here. They’re $49.

Kim: That sounds good.

SA: What size are you looking for?

Kim: Size 12.

SA: Look, here’s a pair. Are they alright?

Kim: Do you have any in light blue?

SA: Yes, here you are.

Kim: Oh, they’re perfect.

SA: Would you like to try them on?

Kim: Yes please.


It’s question time.

  1. What is Kim looking for?…. Jeans.
  2. What size does she want? …..size 12.
  3. What colour does she want?….light blue.
  4. How much are they?….$49.
  5. Does she try them on?…..Yes, she does.

invercargill water towerinvercargill water towerinvercargill water tower


SA: Do you need anything else today?

Kim: Yes, I’d like a pair of boots.

SA: This style is popular – they’re space boots.

Kim: Wow, those are really cute. How much are they?

SA: They’re $99.  What size are you?

Kim: I’m 8 or 8 1/2.

SA: Why don’t you try these on?

Kim: Mmm, they feel tight.

SA: Here are the 8 1/2

Kim: These are much better. Thanks, I’ll take them.


It’s question time.

  1. What is Kim looking for?……Boots.
  2. What style is popular?……Space.
  3. What size does she buy?….. 8 1/2.
  4. How much are they?…. $99.

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