5. Catching a bus and going to the supermarket: 21 June, 2020.

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#1. Tim and Maria catch a Bus

Maria: Excuse me, which bus goes to Dee St?

Stranger: You have to take the Heidelburg Star

Maria: How often does it come?

Stranger: It comes every 45 minutes. Look, here’s the bus now.

Maria: Hello,Two tickets for Dee St, please.

Bus driver: Pardon?

Maria: Two tickets for Dee St, please

Bus driver: That’s $3.60

Maria: Here’s $5

Bus driver: Here’s your tickets and change. Take a seat.

A: Thanks, How many stops to Dee St?

Bus Driver: About 6.

A: Great.

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It’s question time. Do you know the answers?

1 How will Maria and Tim go to Dee St? … By bus

2 What bus do they take to Dee St?… The Heidelburg Star

3 How much is the bus fare?… $3.60

4 How many stops are there to Dee Street?… 6


invercargill water towerinvercargill water tower

#2. Tim and Maria go shopping at the Supermarket


Maria: Where is the entrance Tim?

Tim: Over here,  I’ll get a trolley.

Assistant: Hello, welcome  to our supermarket, Please use the hand sanitiser.

Tim: OK, thanks. Maria,  what do you have on your list?

Maria:  Not much, first of all we need potatoes and  carrots

Tim: Do we need Anything else?

Maria:  Yes, we do, we need apples and an avocado.

Tim: What do you think about this…..Is this avocado ripe?

Maria: Yes, it’s soft,…… and we need some chicken.

Tim: How much chicken do we need?

Maria: 500 grams. Do we need anything else?

Tim:: Yes, we need 1 can of fish and a dozen eggs (12).

Maria: um,  OK, do we need bread?

Tim:: Yes, a loaf of wholemeal bread AND a bag of sugar.


It’s question time.

  1. Is the avocado ripe?… Yes it is.
  2. How much chicken do they buy?… 500 grams
  3. How many eggs do they buy?… A dozen (12)
  4. How much bread do they buy?…One loaf


invercargill water towerinvercargill water towerinvercargill water tower

#3. Paying for the groceries

 Maria: Wow Tim, all the lines are so long

Tim: Maria, we only have 10 items, so let’s use the express checkout.

Shop assistant: hello, Is that everything?

Maria: …..And the sugar too.

SA: The total is $44.25. How would you like to pay?

Tim: Cash.

SA:  Do you have a club card?

Tim: Yes, here you are.

SA: Here’s your change. Would you like a receipt?

Maria: Yes, please.

Sa: We have boxes over there, They’re free.

Maria: That’s OK, we have bags.

SA: Great, have a nice day.


It’s question time:


  1. How many items do Tim and Maria buy?….. Ten
  2. What is the total cost of their groceries?… $44.25
  3. What checkout do Tim and Maria use?… The express checkout.
  4. How do they pack their groceries? …In bags. Great


That’s all for today!


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