6. Making a doctor’s appointment, and getting medicine: 28 June, 2020.


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Kim has a cold

Maria: Good Morning Kim! How are you?

Kim: Oh, I feel sick I have a bad cold.

Maria: That doesn’t sound good. I think you should see the doctor.

Kim: I think you’re right. OK I’ll phone the doctor now.

Receptionist: Good morning, this is the Tower Medical Centre.

Kim: I’d like to make an appointment. I have a bad cold.

Receptionist: Alright, you can come in this afternoon at 2.30.

Kim: Great, thanks. Bye.

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It’s question time.

1. How is Kim feeling?….She feels sick.

2. Which medical centre does she call?…the Tower Medical Centre.

3. What time is Kim’s appointment?…2.30 pm

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Kim Goes to the Medical Centre

Receptionist: Good afternoon, Kim. Please take a seat, the doctor will be with you shortly.

Kim: Thanks.

Doctor: Kim Smith. What’s the trouble today?

Kim: I have a sore throat, a cough and a bad cold.

Doctor: I’ll take a look at your throat, open your mouth and say arrrh!

Kim: Arrrrh.

Doctor: You have an infection. You need medicine. Take this prescription to the chemist.

Kim: Thanks.


It’s question time:

  1. What time is it?….2.30 pm
  2. What does Kim have?….A sore throat, a cough and a bad cold.
  3. Where should Kim take the prescription? …To the chemist.

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Kim Goes to the Chemist.

Shop assistant: Good Afternoon! May I help you?

Kim: Yes, I need to get some medicine.

Shop assistant: Do you have a prescription?

Kim: Yes, here it is.

Shop assistant: Thanks, it will be ready soon. Take a seat.

Kim: Thanks.

Shop assistant: Kim Smith, what is your address?

Kim: 12 Green Street.

Shop assistant: OK. Take your medicine three times a day.

Kim: OK

Shop assistant: OK. That’s fine. That is $5.


It’s question time:

  1. What does Kim take to the chemist?… A prescription.
  2. How often should Kim take the medicine?…Three times a day.
  3. What is Kim’s address?…12 Green Street.

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