7. Buying petrol, asking for directions & at the airport: 5 July, 2020.

invercargill water tower


Kim and Dave Buy Petrol

Kim: Dave, the petrol tank is almost empty!

Dave: Kim, there’s a petrol station up ahead.

Kim: How much petrol do we need, and what kind?

Dave: $60 of regular.

Kim: I’ll pay inside. Do you want anything?

Dave: Yes, I’d like a newspaper.

Shop assistant: Hello, what pump did you use?

Kim: Number 5.

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Question Time:

  1. Where are Kim and Dave?…. At the petrol Station.
  2. How much petrol did they buy?… $60.
  3. Which pump did they use?…. Number 5.

invercargill water towerinvercargill water tower

Asking for Directions

Dave: Kim, let’s pick up Stuart from the airport.

Kim: Uh, oh. I’m lost. How do I get to the airport?

Dave: Turn right onto Tweed St.

Kim: OK

Dave: Then drive straight over the bridge.

Kim: This is Stead St.

Dave: Yes, and turn right onto Airport Avenue.

Kim: OK. Where can I park the car?

Dave: In the visitors’ car park.


Question Time

  1. Where are Kim and Dave driving to?…The airport.
  2. Who gives directions?….Dave.
  3. Where is the airport?…. Airport Avenue.

invercargill water towerinvercargill water towerinvercargill water tower

At the Airport

Dave: Flight number NZ5703 has arrived, Kim.

Kim: Look! There’s Stuart now.

Dave: Welcome home, son. We missed you.

Stuart: I missed you too.

Kim: How are you?

Stuart: I’m great thanks, and excited to be home.

Kim: How was  your time at University?

Stuart: It was busy, but we enjoyed fun barbecues and sports trips.

Kim: Do you have all your things?

Stuart: Yes, I have that large suitcase, and this small bag.


Question Time

  1. What flight number was Stuart on?… NZ 5703.
  2. What did Stuart enjoy at university?… The barbecues and sports trips.
  3. How many bags does Stuart have?… Two.


Thanks for joining and see you next time.


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