8. Making dinner plans, eating pizza & making weekend plans: 12 July, 2020.


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Making Dinner Plans

Kim: Stuart, are you hungry?

Stuart: Yes, I’m very hungry.

Dave: What would you like to eat?

Stuart: Pizza at the Pizza Palace. They have student discount.

Kim: OK, let’s order. What toppings do you like?

Stuart: I’d like Ham and Pineapple.

Dave: Pepperoni, please.

Kim: I’ve ordered them on my cell phone.

Stuart: is that for delivery or pick up?

Kim: Pick up, it’s cheaper!

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It’s question time:

  1. How does Stuart feel?…..He is hungry.
  2. What will they eat for dinner?…..Pizza.
  3. What is the name of the pizza restaurant?….The Pizza Palace.

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Eating Pizza

Kim: Oh! The pepperoni pizza is hot, but the ham and pineapple pizza is cold!

Stuart: Mum, I’ll heat it up in the microwave.

Kim: OK, do you want anything else?

Stuart: I’d like some chilli sauce on mine thanks.

Dave: So what does that taste like?

Stuart: It’s very nice.

Kim: Mmmm …I’ll try that on one slice of pizza.

Stuart: I have a friend who puts corn on his pizza.

Kim: Really? Stuart, it sounds very healthy. Would you like some salad too?

Stuart: Yes, please. This is very nice pizza.

Kim: Mmm, I’m full! Who wants this slice?

Stuart: Me, please!


Question Time:

  1. Are both pizzas hot?….no, they’re not.
  2. What does Stuart put on his pizza?….chilli sauce.
  3. Who puts corn on his pizza?… Stuart’s friend.

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Making Weekend Plans

Kim: Stuart, do you have plans for the weekend?

Stuart: Yes, I’d like to see my friends. We’re thinking of going to the movies.

Kim: What are you going to see?

Stuart: Robotman.

Kim: What is that about?

Stuart: It’s about a robot who became a man and his life.

Kim: That sounds interesting.  When is it on?

Stuart: It’s on Saturday night at 8 pm.

Kim: Would you like me to drop you off in the car?

Stuart: That would be great thanks.


Question Time.

  1. What will Stuart do on Saturday night?….He will see a movie with his friends.
  2. What is the name of the movie?….Robotman.
  3. What time is the movie on?…8 pm.

Thanks for joining us at English Time.

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