9. Asking a favour, dropping someone off & buying movie tickets: 19 July, 2020.


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Kim asks a favour

Kim: Good morning Stuart, did you sleep well?

Stuart: Yes, very well thanks.

Kim: What are you doing this morning?

Stuart: Mmm nothing much.

Kim: Can I ask a favour?

Stuart: Yes, what is it?

Kim: The windows are dirty…so can you wash the windows?

Stuart: Oh yes, of course.

Kim: Thanks Stuart. Dave is busy this morning.

Stuart: Is he?

Kim: Yes, he is working overtime until 3 pm.

Stuart: Well, I’m happy to help out.

Kim: Thanks, the cleaners are in the laundry.

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Question time:

  1. How will Stuart help Kim?….. He will wash the windows.
  2. What is Dave doing?… He’s working overtime.
  3. What time will Dave finish working?….3pm.

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Dropping Someone Off

Kim: Stuart, are you ready to go to the movies now?

Stuart: Yes, I am.

Kim: It feels chilly outside. Do you have a jacket?

Stuart: Yes, I do.

Kim: OK, let’s go in. Get in the car.

Stuart: Can you unlock the door?

Kim: Yes, where shall I drop you off?

Stuart: On the corner of Dee Street and Don Street.

Kim: OK, How will you get home?

Stuart: Mike’s parents will bring me home after the movie.

Kim: OK. Let’s go. Put your seat belt on.


It’s question time.

  1. How is the weather outside?….It feels chilly.
  2. Where will Kim drop off Stuart?….On the corner of Dee and Don Streets.
  3. How will Stuart get home after the movie?….with Mike’s parents.

invercargill water towerinvercargill water towerinvercargill water tower


Buying Movie Tickets

Cashier: Good evening and welcome to Movie Land. Which movie would you like to see?

Stuart: Which movie do you recommend?

Cashier: Robotman is very popular.

Stuart: OK, we’d like to see it.

Cashier: Is that for 8:00 or 9:45?

Stuart: 8:00 pm please

Cashier: How many tickets would you like?

Stuart: Two thanks.

Cashier: Here are your tickets. Is there anything else?

Stuart: One large popcorn and two orange drinks please.

Cashier: Would you like plain popcorn or hot-butter popcorn?

Stuart: Hot-butter popcorn please.

Cashier: With student discount that is $29 thanks.

Stuart: Here is $30.

Cashier: Here is your change. Enjoy the movie.

Stuart: Thanks.


Question time

  1. How many tickets does Stuart buy?…….Two.
  2. What is the name of the movie?….Robotman.
  3. What food and drinks does he buy? Popcorn and orange drinks.

Thanks for joining, see you again next time.



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